Will your clients enjoy your report?

Your report is unlikely to be a page-turner and have people queuing up to read it, but it needs to be sufficiently engaging so that clients can absorb the advice and information you are providing to them.

The key outcome at the end of any report should be improved client understanding, allowing them to make informed decisions and take action with their finances.

The indirect benefit for you as a firm will be enhanced trust and improved relationships. There are other key factors, such as wording and design, that contribute to the overall engagement of your report, but some key engagement ideas are as follows:

Data visualisation

Visual aids are far more useful than constant text. Including clear and visually appealing tables, charts and other forms of infographics will help articulate your message and make your reports more appealing. It’s also important to use the correct type of data representation at the appropriate time.

Use of colour

 Magazines are successful because they make the correct use of imagery and colour to capture consumer attention. The right colours should be selectively incorporated throughout the document.

Highlighting key points

Consider whether certain points need highlighting. This can be done as you write a paragraph, but I often find it is easier to do this when reviewing the whole report. Sometimes words, phrases or numbers should be highlighted, but sometimes it’s better to repeat the content in a different format to emphasis an important point or concept.

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