Does your report add clarity or confusion?

Is the content digestible to the average person? Your good advice could fail to be absorbed by your clients if your approach is very much ‘text heavy’.

A key point to remember is that we all tend to have the attention span of a goldfish.

You should therefore try and ensure your text is broken down into consumable bite size chunks.

A good advice document will be clear, concise and effective.

 Let’s briefly look at each these:


 Is the wording easy to understand? Is it clear what you are advising your clients to do? Do we bring clarity to their financial picture, or would they still be left confused after reading this document? Do your clients understand your recommendation?


 Are we relaying what is important in simple terms? Does the important information get lost among too much noise and unnecessary waffle? Please don’t confuse concise with short in length. A 10-page document, correctly written and laid out, can be more concise than a 5-page document that isn’t to the point.


While it is difficult to make it read like a novel, it shouldn’t ready like a study manual. An effective advice document will help your client’s engage with your process and understand your advice.

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