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Does it contain the correct information? There’s no getting away from this fact. We simply have to include the right content and disclosures in a clear and understandable format. Any failure to do this will let down your...

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Does it read like a novel or legal small print? My first critique of report wording is something I used to be guilty of. As paraplanners we tend to be so concerned with ensuring the content is correct from a regulatory...

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Is it visually appealing and does it reflect your brand? While the main focus of a report should be on the client, there is a huge ‘branding and marketing’ opportunity that these documents offer. With the advice process, the...

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Is your report well structured? It’s up to you and not your clients to ensure your advice is understood. A well laid out report will help achieve this requirement. An effective report should be easy to navigate, have the...

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Will your clients enjoy your report? Your report is unlikely to be a page-turner and have people queuing up to read it, but it needs to be sufficiently engaging so that clients can absorb the advice and information you are...

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